Power Factor Australia

Power Factor Australia

Taking Control of Your Energy Bills

What is Power Factor Correction?

 Have you heard about the LITTLE apparatus energy companies don’t want you to know about? And the best part about it, is that it’s completely legal…

It’s a proven system that we’ve been consistently using with our clients that ACTUALLY reduces your energy consumption & simultaneously saves you money on EVERY single electricity bill by up to 29%

‘Less is More’ Less power usage = More cash savings to invest in your business operations.

There are only 3 ITEMS required to establish your quarterly savings from your Energy Bill

(1. KVA – 2. AMOUNT KW’S USED – 3. PRICE per KW)

Fill out below for a prompt evaluation;

Power Factor Correction in Australia is a service we provide through an optimisation of the load from an imbalanced electrical power distribution system, corrected using electrical capacitors.

Here’s a better way to understand it…

When you have actual power that is being used (namely “actual power”), a site would also draw upon additional power (namely “reactive power), which is not used directly.

Both of actual power and reactive power equate to being the “apparent power’.

Power factor is the relation and difference between the actual and apparent power. 

So if your site has a large amount of reactive power, you’re very much wasting energy, and are paying unnecessary high demands of electricity.

It’s like having extra power than actually required if implemented correctly.

Essentially it’s removing that extra power from the equation and in return, saving your power output and electricity usage.

This will simultaneously not only enhance and extend the life of your equipment. The saved reactive power can go toward any site expansion without the need of further cabling or switchboards

Our typical clients are Shopping Centre’s, Body Corporations, Manufacturing Plants, Production Farms, Hotels, and Large Corporate firms.

Occasionally domestic homes are now starting to introduce this concept to large homes consuming a decent amount of electricity.


They tend to have the challenge of producing the most electricity on the street and therein lay an extra large electricity bill every quarter.

So to counteract that, we have almost halved the Kw run cost on some sites (halved), and this could be your site next.

Now, the approximate payback on supply and installation of this equipment, depending on site, can be approximately between 1 to 4 years.

That’s when the real savings begins, because when everyone else is still using the same amount of electricity, you have decreased it substantially and therefore decreased your overheads, and in turn increased your turnover for all of the future to come.

(Money out of thin air…)

Power Factor Australia

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And see how much you could saving by optimising

A leasing agreement for Power Factor Correction in Australia can also be setup for the “same running costs” as you pay now.

In a few years time, how would you like to have paid for the total investment and have your overheads reduced more than ever before?

General Equipment:

-Electric motors, Refrigeration equipment, Diochrolic 12v down lights, Transformers, Heating elements, Metal arc hi-bay lighting etc..

-Power factor correction units are normally installed near or in the main switchboard room of premises being nice and tidy, and fully integrated.

-To calculate what size Kvar and type of equipment is the best possible solution, a very quick and simple site inspection supply test of your switchboard is required.

-Once determined, we now know what equipment is needed to reduce your Kw input.


Logically, we’d all like to pay the very least amount of electricity when the bills arrive, this is the most effective way to do exactly that’.

We’ve mastered the application in general to produce the very best results back to you, the owner or occupier.

A further benefit, is that you’re generating less energy, so the environment benefits with reducing your carbon footprint.

Are you switched on, yet?

Would you like to see how much you could saving by eliminating reactive power?

Most likely, you the reader, and also most companies don’t know how easy the process & structure of power factor correction in Australia is, so for a free evaluation & proposal:

Call Now on 0418 325 761 

Responsive – Reliable – Reasonable – Cost Effective

PLEASE NOTE: If interstate, outside of Melbourne, larger based commercial applications are applicable only.

Servicing all of Australia | Extreme versatility to meet all your requirements & applications. 

Highly experienced team of A-Grade electricians, providing you with a reliable & valuable service.

Over 42 years of service to others in the industry.

Power Factor Australia

All work is guaranteed – We thrive if you do, so we look forward to serving you.

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