Switchboard Upgrade Melbourne

Switchboard Upgrade in Melbourne – Everything You Need to Know

Switchboard Upgrade Melbourne

It’s vitally important to keep up to date with the latest technology around electricity usage and it’s output. Providing a switchboard upgrade in Melbourne can be done easily and also around Australia if being a commercial or industrial install – including an amazing service and turnaround time to complete your project on time and efficiently so not to take away too much of your time with the courtesy and professionalism we all wish for.

Switchboards are an imperative importance and must be maintained or replaced if necessary as they are the source of directing your main power supply to other areas throughout your home, office, or site of usage.

It’s important to have installation done correctly first time round to save you future hassles whether it be inferior products or cheap labour used.

The old capacity of a switchboard was containing ceramic fuses, which now must be updated as they no longer comply with the latest safety Australian standards which in turn breeds peace of mind for the future.

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We can have your switchboard installations with up-to-date and the most effective materials and technology along with the current high safety standards to give you the greatest outcome possible.

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You possibly may have an outdated switchboard that no longer serves you in the way that it continues to fault in ways like the power cutting out as it becomes easily overloaded, capacity-wise.

Either way, eventually everyone will need to take up a switchboard upgrade in Melbourne to comply with the latest Australian standard, as it the older switchboards have become hazardous.

Does your switchboard fault with fuses blowing when using more than one appliance? 

Do fuses blow quite frequently? 

Cabling overheated in switchboard and other areas?

Lights flicker every now and then?

These are the tell tale signs for a updated switchboard installation.

Newer switchboard installations include circuit breakers and residual current devices (RCDs), which isolate faulty circuits fast if necessary, whereas the aged switchboards have fuses only and become a very high risk factor of electrical fires and possible electrocution.

The best part about it is that Powersec Australia are devoted to give you a high quality service that is guaranteed and built to last which includes a certificate of compliance.

. So if you feel it’s time to upgrade your switchboard for the betterment of your safety and home or site, there’s no time like the now.

For a Switchboard Upgrade in Melbourne;

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Electrical maintenance in Melbourne info can be found here.

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PLEASE NOTE: If interstate, outside of Melbourne, larger based commercial applications are applicable only.

Servicing all of Australia – Extreme versatility to meet all your requirements & applications. 

Highly experienced team of A-Grade electricians, providing you with a reliable & valuable service.

Over 42 years of service to others in the industry.

Powersec Australia | Switchboard Upgrade Melbourne

All work is guaranteed – We thrive if you do, we look forward to serving you.

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