24 Hour Electrical Service Melbourne

24 Hour Electrical Service Melbourne

It is somewhat of a difficult task to find a reliable 24 hour electrical service in Melbourne to rely on in the midst of chaos – being an urgent breakdown or power outage of some sort especially when it stresses the business with downtime and no work can be done by the company until the power is up and running again.

When providing an emergency electrical service, sometimes the unseen challenging decisions must be made from the contractors side as to whether they can part from multiple existing jobs in progress across Melbourne, and which is best to leave in regards to location.

However steps can be made in order to achieve a high response rate to meet the urgency and needs of a customers call out by being efficient and effective in the way the business is run and maintained.

It doesn’t matter necessarily where you’re located, as there are various jobs happening all over Melbourne at any given time, so it’s just a matter of making the call to begin the process.

In some occasions, you can be provided with a precise plan and costing of what’s involved over the phone and then schedule in a visit to rectify or if a difficult job, an on-site evaluation to provide an accurate estimate when engaging in a 24 hour electrical service in Melbourne.

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There are a number reasons for emergency call outs and can range from the following;

-Switchboard overloads or faults

-Appliance overloads

-Power and Lighting faults

-Faulty equipment or wiring

-Alarm system faults

-CCTV surveillance faults

-Accidents by employees

-Accidents by natural causes

An emergency electrician will be dispatched at your request, with the general of rule of thumb being within a 2 hour period, sometimes it can be within minutes if the same day electrician is in the same suburb.

The BEST PART is that it’s guaranteed work satisfaction.

Get what you pay for: If your assigned certified 24/7 electrician is ever late you’ll receive an incentive $40 cash back.

The reason for this is that as a business, it’s also understood that downtime is a major factor and taken seriously so honesty and customer care come first to give you the best timeframe & result upfront prior to attending on-site. This way your job is allocated efficiently and the work carried out will be done at the highest standards in the most inconvenient times.

With regards to the 24 hour electrical service in Melbourne, it can also be of benefit by revealing future possible faults (preventive maintenance), and be the beginning of a great relationship with a maintenance agreement which takes place twice yearly, saving you from the future potential headaches and downtime.

‘Bare with us in the meantime, we will be on the way in no time’

You’re in Safe Hands – Get looked after today | Call 0418 325 761

Prompt | Reliable | Affordable | Effective

PLEASE NOTE: If interstate, outside of Melbourne, larger based commercial applications are applicable only.

24 Hour Electrical Service Melbourne

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Over 42 years of service in the industry.

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All work is guaranteed – We thrive if you do, so we look forward to serving you.

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