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A power factor correction system would be the main and immediate installation that is highly recommended, as the majority of electricity management within large commercial sites are using pumps, motors, fans – this system alone can reduce up to 20% off your bill, and doesn’t require a lot of alteration work or replacement parts to keep well maintained as it’s a sustainable system.

More than 50% of a businesses electricity running costs can be in the associated elements above, and has a great deal of potential to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
It’s very well the little apparatus that energy companies don’t want you knowing about.

Some machines, systems and energy-required elements can be used extensively for hours on end throughout the day. Recent findings have shown a trend towards green commercial buildings generating higher tenant retention (as employees are happier and more productive in such an environment), quicker lease-up periods, greater returns for investors.

In commercial situations electricity can equate for more than 50% of a companies electricity costs, which if not creating the most efficient way of energy usage, does eventuate in reduced profits.

The average Aussie household produces approximately 13 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year – that’s a lot! This type of pollution is largely produced from domestic and commercial activities such as heating elements, all moving parts and lighting. As you can see they’re many ways to tackle this global issue throughout households, businesses and factory settings by regulating an energy management system.

The price of electricity will continue to increase and soar, whilst most people don’t know how to approach the situation on the whole and carbon pollution is always going to be around so everyone must be doing there bit – what are you doing about it?

They all add up to a compounding effect. And the trick is to find out where your greatest savings are in particular to your situation. To find out you’d need an economical-focused Electrician, and that’s where Powersec come in.