Air Conditioning Systems Melbourne

Air Conditioning Systems Melbourne

Can’t escape the heat or cold? Need some help?


Air Conditioning Systems Melbourne

Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered with a very accommodating range of air conditioning systems in Melbourne to suit any application. Whether it be heating/cooling for your home to live and function much better, or the commercial applications, offices, retail spaces, industrial sites, factories, shopping malls – we all need to feel comfortable in our working and personal environments.

One of our fully qualified technicians will determine what size KW rating air conditioner unit is required and can specify what the most effective locations of both the indoor and outdoor units will suit best. Sizing generally starting approx. 2.5KW.

Attentive and punctual to your required time frame of installation, along with the latest innovative and advanced air conditioning technology will literally make it a breeze for you.

Air Conditioning Systems Melbourne

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Finding the right air conditioning system in Melbourne for your specific application and budget will be a quick guide-through to make sure you’ll get the best outcome possible regarding affordable running costs.

Being in control of your climate anytime of the day is a wise choice, especially for sleeping purposes as well as daily activities and the extreme heatwave days or cold nights that are always a possibility.

What are the options?

You may want to heat and cool the entire home, that would be a ducted refrigerated system selection, where you can distribute it throughout. If you just want to add heating/cooling to one room or area, then you would be installing a split system. Either way is done in an economic fashion.

Split System Air Conditioners

Cassette Air Conditioners


Evaporative Cooling

Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning

Gas Ducted Heating

Fujitsu Residential Range of Air Conditioning

Ducted system would entail having outlets to the ceiling, whereas split systems are wall mount applications, both providing next to silent operation and good-even air flow distribution.

All systems with latest advancements of Inverter technology, so to reduce electricity running costs whilst also having a more efficient and effective compressor function in the outdoor unit, meaning faster cooling and heating.

Quick turnaround booking time with a very efficient installation timeframe.

Keeping budget in mind, allocating the right system for your investment range is never an issue.

Air Conditioning Systems Melbourne

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Supply & installation starting from $1,380

Prompt | Reliable | Affordable | Effective

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