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Powersec Australia provide specialist electrical contracting services & electricians to meet all your electrical solutions whether it be for your home, office, factory or commercial premises Australia-bound.

Prompt | Reliable | Affordable | Effective

We understand most businesses and families are busy doing the daily tasks and taking care of life’s little surprises. So to make your life a little easier and smoother, we have created an easy way to get your questions answered efficiently and booking your request effectively, whether your working at your business or at home with the kids.

PLEASE NOTE: If interstate, outside of Melbourne, larger based commercial applications are applicable only.

And to make our electrical contracting job more readily available & to see if we can fit you in right away, please make sure to give as much detail as possible.

Servicing all of Australia – Extreme versatility to meet all your requirements & applications. 

Highly experienced team of A-Grade electricians, providing you with a reliable & valuable service.

All work is guaranteed – We thrive if you do, so we look forward to serving you!


Power Factor Correction
General power & lighting installations/repairs
Telephone and Data outlets
Emergency and Exit Lighting
Office & Display lighting
Maintenance & Repairs
Testing and tagging


Full factory fit out
Installation of industrial equipment
Emergency & Exit lighting
Industrial Flood-lighting
Telephone cabling and outlets
Telephone & Data outlets
TV cabling and outlets


General power & lighting installations/repairs
Ceiling sweep fans & exhaust fans
Telephone & Data outlets
TV outlets & antennas
Smoke Alarms
Air Conditioning
Ducted Vacuum Systems
Intercom Systems
Security Alarm Systems
Switchboard installation/repairs
Stove installation/repairs
Hot water systems
Safety Switches

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Joshua Fance 18/05/2013 at 2:19 am

Hmm, so would you reccomend I get a PVR? I’m looking to be able to record 2 shows at a time, but havent been able to work out what system to get. Anyone else here a bit more techie then me with a good idea? Cheers

Powersec. 19/05/2013 at 9:54 pm

Hi Joshua,
Today’s PVRs can come with a great range of features built-in. From the low-end, you can get a couple of HD tuners with the ability to record to external USB storage. As you go up the range, you can add in a number of features. At the higher end, you can throw in 2D to 3D conversion capabilities, Bly-Ray drives, 1TB internal storage and 4 or more tuners.

And you can make use of all of the additional storage space to record from a wide range of free-to-air channels. The website for Freeview lists no less than 21 channels for Sydney, as an example. Quality content might be a bit thin on the ground, but it’s free and at least you have greater choice.

PVRs are also incredibly cheap. A no-brand or house brand HD PVR can be had for less than $30. Sure you may need to add your own external USB storage, but storage is cheap as well.

We’re also fans of set-ups that have a minimalist feel about them. Reducing the amount of boxes and cables you see, without reducing functionality or quality, is a good thing.

So they have heaps of features and are relatively cheap

Many current TV sets have PVR functionality built-in. It can potentially be as easy as plugging a USB stick into the site of your new TV set.


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